Process and Prices

The Deliverables

* The deliverables, discussed in advance, may include:

~detailed or outline summary of requested information

~content development of blogs, websites, books, documents

~fact-checking of your existing manuscripts or online/digital content

~bibliographies of books, journals, blogs and websites

~vetting of experts and professionals for consultation

~or, the requirements of a project might determine other methods and approaches to information collection and presentation

* During your initial free 1/2 hour consultation, we will establish the scope and parameters of your project.

* I will draft an Agreement specifying exactly what it is you are hiring me to do, the cost and payment schedule, the form of the deliverables and how the information is to be delivered.

* Pricing-structure:
~per hour-$20.00

Packages per project: (any project or package 20 hours or more will be priced at $19.00/hr)
~20 hours-$380.00
~25 hours-$475.00
~30 hours-$570.00
~35 hours-$665.00
~40 hours-$760.00

All jobs require a payment of 50% to start the project, 50% at completion.

Monthly Retainers for ongoing projects are priced at the per-project package.

Also included in your fee is my undivided attention to your project and a reasonable response time to your calls or emails Monday through Friday, as questions always come up. Discussed in advance charges outside the set fee might include traveling time/mileage, parking fees, postage, photocopying and purchases pertinent to your project.

On a package or retainer basis with a set fee, for a set period of time your budgeting is easier, the fear of unexpected charges or fees is lessened and I am not constrained by the clock.

Lastly, since I will need to know some details about your idea in order to understand the project requirements, please know that confidentiality plays a major role in my business practice, whether or not I take you on as a client.


Laurie Welch