Laurie Welch

Laurie Welch, Virtual Assistant for Online Content: Writer, Researcher, Consultant

As a professional researcher I design research strategies. As a writer I develop them into content.

After the consultation, I will create a plan of action tailored to the specific project which might include collecting, organizing and reporting research; writing content for blogs, websites or other online media/platforms; finding experts;  interviewing sources; fact checking, editing or revising an existing manuscript.


Career Highlights

After college (BA-Medieval History, with post-degree courses in American history and  comparative religion), the first part of my working life was spent in bookstores: Waldenbooks, Crown Books and most notably, Kroch’s and Brentano’s Bookstore in Chicago.

I created a research business when I returned to California. More recently I formatted and edited journal articles, theses and dissertations at a well-known university in Southern California. I recreated my research business in 2014 when I left the university.

My Work Today

My research and writing work brings me in contact with the most interesting and hard-working people and I have been greatly rewarded for my contribution to their milestones. I was thrilled the first time my research was published and acknowledged by the author, when a client’s book was launching she invited me to attend BEA in Chicago, and after conducting the research for a book on Medieval beauty and grooming tips I was offered the opportunity to name the title.


Great blue heron, Bolsa Chica Wetalnds

I live in Huntington Beach, California among surfers, nature-lovers and other laid back folk. I enjoy biking along the Santa Ana River and trail walking in the nearby mountains. A favorite pastime is exploring Southern California history through day trips to historic sites. I am an old movies maven and a passionate reader of 19th and early 20th century classic literature, about which I blog at RelevantObscurity.


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