Body of Work


My body of work includes published books with my research contribution; books, articles, monographs as unpublished work or works in progress; archival organization and research; historical diary transcription; and preliminary film and television script research.

Published Work

* Plucked, Shaved and Braided: 1000 Years of Beauty and Grooming Practices, publication date pending

* Jimmy Carter: President and Peacemaker, David Seidman. Scholastic Inc.

* Name that Pet: A Practical Guide to Naming your Dog, Cat & Other Household Pets, Naomi Lieboff. Cousin Alice’s Press.

* The Vintage Fashion Directory, Daniela Turudich. Streamline Press.

Books, Articles, Screenplays

* Recipe Research of American Cookery during WWII

* History of New York City’s Central Park

* Landscape and Architecture of the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893

* The Massacre of the Jewish Community of York, England, 1190

* The World of 1st Century Rome

* Rags to Riches – Millionaires who started with one good idea

* The Silk Road – Preliminary research on the meeting of cultures along this famous trade route


* Twelfth century England-preparation for a historical novel

* Travel books to California in the late 19th and early 20th centuries

Manuscript and Document Organization

* I organized the official records and transcribed handwritten diaries and other documents from the Tenko Collection, a private archive of material related to the Japanese Army’s internment of civilians in the Philippine Islands during World War II

Personal Interest :

* Religion and spirituality, both traditional religions and New Age spirituality

* The old, the odd, the queer in history, the sciences, the paranormal

* History: American history and pop culture

* Reading classic literature, especially 19th and early 20th century

* Food: vegan and vegetarian history and global culture, animals/animal rights

* Nature: its importance in everyday life, as sacred, celebrations, environment, ecology


Laurie Welch