My objective is to support your digital presence through writing and research for your website, blog and social media as well as conduct research for your books and manuscripts for publication


I provide:

* Research and analysis/summary

* Writing or blogging online content for a one-time project or for a specified period of time

* Fact-checking

* Consultancy

When are these Services Important?

  • when your project calls for research or fact-checking
  • when you would like collaboration
  • when you want a consultant
  • when you need content development with your book, project, blog post, website or other online content

 Who uses these Services?**

* First time authors, seasoned professionals

* Entrepreneurs, online businesses, organizations

* Small publishing houses or self publishers without in-house researchers

* Historians, independent scholars, public and private historical association

* Anyone with an online presence or would like to start one

* You!

I live in Huntington Beach, California and work virtually with clients worldwide.

I look forward to hearing about your project!


** I do not work with students or for homework clubs or essay/paper writing businesses.